Thursday, April 5, 2012

Scrap-n-crop and Kit of the month

When I get serious into card making, I’m always envy with other crafter from overseas who has various handy-tools like die cut machine, border puncher, lovely patterned paper etc. Scrapbook and card making materials were not easily available in Malaysia and the choices were limited, therefore most of my supplies was sourced from bookstore, wedding stationery shop and even sometime from the hardware store..hehe..

I hope one day, in Malaysia there is a craft/scrapbook store that selling those tools which make my world of card making become more interesting and easier. It’s like a dream come true when I accidentally found this and this blog, where it has the list of all scrapbooking stores in Malaysia (online store and shop lots). Link

Surprisingly, I found that there is a shop that near to my house. They started selling their product since 2006. It is Scrap-n-Crop. Starting form that, visit to this shop was in my ‘to do list’ over the weekend*. Scrap-n-crop offers wide range of scrapbooking, card making and other craft supplies with very affordable price. And the owner was friendly too!.

In addition, offer the Kit of the Month ( worth RM 20 – RM 80) and Groupon for Scrapbook Starter kit. Under Groupon, you’ll get RM 200 worth of scrapbook products for only RM 49 + free nationwide delivery**.

Apologies for the lengthy post, but what I’m trying to share is, I’ve produce several cards and craft using their Kit of the Month. These cards will be shared in my next post!

Can’t wait to share this love! For the mean while, let me share our enjoyable 'moment' at Scrap-n-Crop. (oh i miss them)

Nothing much to say, lets the picture do the job! :). Credit to MisFid and Azlina-lin for the above picture!



* Please note that they selling products through online. Therefore, they only open for visit during selected weekend.

** However, they have stop selling the scrapbook kits under Groupon. But you still get the best price for the scrapbook kit by ‘Kit of the Month’. For more detail, please visit their website here.


  1. interesting post. Now you can use this exporters directory to promote crafts supplies import & export business.

  2. Hi Awekretro-Handmade: yup, the shop not open daily as it was online basis. They only open on the selected weekend. You may refer to this

  3. Katne yea kedai pun nk g terjah jugak la...:)

  4. Hi Siti Asiah!

    Kedai die dkt Sg. Long Kajang. For more detail, kindly visit their website

  5. This is really educational and very informative in this subject.

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  6. Hi Sazalina!

    Interesting blog!

    I noticed an error in the link to the Crafio site, under Craft Shop. It should be withouth the 't' :)

    Would you by any chance know how i can get my hands on a Black Cat Cougar cutting machine? There doesn't seem to be any local supplier.

    Many thanks!