Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's day Frame

first time customer request lain dari yang still related dgn papercraft.she request me to make picture frame dedicated to her husband sempena father's day..pikir punye hasilnye..hope she satisfied with it. wink~

agains, sorry sbb gmbr blurr

Love in pink

Rase mcm simple sgt je.

Inside of the card. congratulations babe!


customer ni nk design yg sama dgn kad yg saza pernah buat sebelum ni. saza just buat kelainan sedikit using the different ribbon and emblishment.

inside of the card. sorry..gambar blurry..


requested my regular customer..thank you..thank you..

Inside of the cards

It's your day!

Sempena Father's day. first time blajar nk lipat origami ni..

Inside of the cards

Friday, June 18, 2010

Azlina-Lin Blog Giveaway

Even nsib x menyebelahi saza bln lepas, saza still nk join lg..not only utk dptkn kad yg cantik tuh, tp saza nak bg compliment yang tak terhingga kpd cardmaker ni..since the first time saza jumpe blog get addicted into it.tiap2 ari saza bkk..coz, everyday, ada je kad baru..yang mampu buat saza jeles..and buat saza rase, banyak lagi yang saza kene blajar. in addition, she also has been recognised in our local magazine and newspaper. what i love the most about her card is, every card that she make is very clean and different. xcukup rsenye nak menggambarkan betapa saza adore her cards very much. utk bulan ni nye giveaway, lagilh buat saza nak sgt kad tuh.(as per above pic).sgt cantik. colour combination pun purfect. sgt kemas and teliti..nmpk sgtlah die sorg yg, sila lah lawat blog die and why not join her blog giveaway too! XOXO.

her link: