Monday, June 25, 2012

Sorry for the long hiatus.


Please accept my apologies for being silent again. I owe a lot of things especially the announcement for my first giveaway..yeahh..i’ve spoiled my first giveaway. The winner should be announced on early May, but hey, it’s going to be end of June soon! Bad Saza! (T T)

I’m still juggling between passion for craft, a demanding job and life as a student. Although it’s caused my life become hectic and crazy, I can not abandon one of these. From today onwards, I try to balance it!! (You can do it saza!yeah!)

Therefore, I’ve planned several updates for the next post, inter alia:

1. Announcement for the Winner of my first giveaway (pss…instead of one, there will be two winners!)2. DIY for my engagement day (ehem..)3. Craft hunting in Bonn
4. New package for the wedding guestbook (it’s going to be fun!)

5. New design of wedding guestbook :D

6. Vietnamese’s Quilling.