Sunday, May 1, 2011

Candy from Bangkok

Last March, i've attending a conference in Bangkok. As my job always requires me to travel, I’m always hoping that.. one day, my boss will sending me to Bangkok. Why? It is because Thailand is heaven for the craft supplies especially mulberry paper flower!

I’m so excited but, sadly, I’ve got to know the Market (Cha' tu Cha' Market) is only open on weekend and I've to back on Friday..huhu..i wish I've got know it early, I'll definitly will extend for another few days..huhu..

I’m still lucky as my buddy, Audy has giving me a surprise with flowers that suitable for cardmaking..yeah!!! Beside that, she also very nice for accompany to go shopping!!..i love you my friend! (psss…Bangkok is also heaven for shopping..wink*)


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