Saturday, February 5, 2011

Craft, Swap, Shopping!

(picture credit to miyyah)
Last December, i've got opportunity to meet my crafty friends..Kak Lin from and miyyah from First..kami lepak kat McD sambil mencuba cuttlebug sementara nak tnggu gi Scrap-n-crop..
demo..hehe (picture credit to azlina)

Kak Lin try plak while miyyah still eating..ngeee..
Selepas tu..kami ke Scrap-n-crop..
Kalu boleh..mau borong sumenye..ngee..(picture credit to miyyah)
(picture credit to kak Lin)
After that, we swapped card with each other..beside card,miyyah give us a lot of craft goodies..heeeeeaven..

(picture credit to miyyah)
Card from miyyah..
Then, i'm swaping card with Kak Lin.Card from Kak Lin
Card from me to Kak Lin (Picture credit to Kak Lin)
Sebelum balik..kami borak mcm2..psl cardmaking, 2nd quilling get-together, cardmaking workshop..Hope to get this oppotunity again with many of my crafty friends!


  1. hi^^ may i knw whr is Scrap-n-crop?
    the shop seems interesting =)

  2. Hi dear, Scrap-n-crop is actually an online craft shop. but you can also visit their shop during the open day. details of the shop at