Monday, August 30, 2010

Hi Cupcake!

it is a birthday card. saza tgok card ni, rse mcm nk mkn kek..hehe..nmpk sedap. n i love the colour combination of the patterned paper.

Inside of the card with pop-up butterfly..


  1. hi sazalina! fara from hammieheartwork here =) sorry i just saw ur shoutout. swapping card? lovely! anything do let me know k =)

  2. Hi Sazalina! I am Susan from Live-Love-Craft. I noticed you clicked on our blog page quite often recently, so I decided to check you out. And you surprised me! What lovely cards you have! I like them very much..simple and nice:). So thanks for visiting us. You will definitely be in our blogs lists;). Keep up the good work:).