Friday, May 28, 2010

Birthday wishes

this card was requested by kak yan for her husband's birthday.

inside of the card..pop-up wishes and present

Forever in love..

kad ni plak, ditempah oleh kwn baik sya..for her 1st wedding anniversary...


Kad ni khas sempena anniversary kak ani yang nun jauh di Kedah...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Birthday wishes

Request by Haniff for his lovely wife. At the left side of the card, its everyone names and space to write down their whishes! xoxo

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Love

Another request from my regular customer...


Inside of the card

Happy Birthday

Card ni rse mcm special sgt..request by Kak Sis..

Inside of the card

Friends Forever

Card for Nasom Charity

New Born Baby

Second card for Nasom Charity


Dedicated to Linda..

wee..xsbr nk tgu baby ni lahir..

Best Wishes

Requested by Maya for her lecturer who have been diagnose with cancer..

Get well soon Ms. Wong

Birthday Wishes

Utk kak Endang.Happy Birthday!

Make over for Lovely Daisy

My regular customer request mother's day card. She request design mcm 'lovely daisy'. since the card still i don't have to remake. instead, i've just make over of it..`Wink~

Our princess

This Birthday card requested by Kak Leeza..for her lovely lovely daughter..IKA..
Wlwpn simple, card ni pling lme nak dpt idea..sbb dok mencari miss Barbie ni..supposee die sorg,ade gak prince..mybe this pic, can represent her parent who give birthday wishes..weee


Kad ni di request oleh Kak Leeza for her husband's birthday. sori byk2 kak leeza..mcm2 jd mse nk atr kad ni..~wink'

Monday, May 3, 2010

Azlina lin blog's giveaway!

Lin ni pn seorg berpuluh kali ganda hebat dari saza..(sifu)..ngenge.. each month die buat giveaway..dan bru bln ni saza brani nk join..using these simple steps below:

1. You must "FOLLOW" this blog / "BE A FOLLOWER" . If you are already a follower, then you can straight away follow the next step below.

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hope i can win this visit her blog too !!XOXO